Invoicing instructions

In order to ensure the quick and error-free processing of invoices, we kindly request that you send primarily electronic invoices and that you make sure the invoices contain all the required additional information.

The invoice must contain the following additional information:

  • purchase order number and/or VR contract number
  • the assigned project number or name of client
  • the assigned cost centre
  • the investment or follow-up item code requested by the client
  • delivery address

VR Track reserves the right to reject and return an invoice and to demand a new invoice from the invoicing party if the recipient information is incomplete. The recipient information is specified in an attachment to the contract or in the order. The due date for the new invoice is determined in accordance with normal contractual terms and conditions from the date of receipt of the new invoice.

Please also take note of the following

Sensitive matters
Electronic or paper invoices, as well as attachments thereto, that are sent to invoicing addresses must not contain confidential information (e.g. social insurance numbers, health-related information or confidential contractual information).

Banking details
All bank accounts must be in the IBAN format and must include the BIC bank code.

Electricity invoices
These instructions do not apply to electricity invoices. Separate requirements concerning contents and contact details have been given for material related to electricity invoicing. Notices of an interruption in electricity distribution, as well as documents or notices related to electricity consumption, are sent separately to the agreed address.

Transport subcontracting and invoices for co-operation partners
These instructions do not apply to separately agreed on material deliveries by transport subcontractors, nor to invoicing addressed to partners of the VR Group.

Our invoicing addresses

Please do not send any materials to our invoicing addresses other than invoices and their attachments.

OVT code 003710078223
Operator BAWCFI22 (Basware Oyj)

Paper invoices
PL 1029,

Email invoices (PDF)

Business ID

Invoicing instructions for VR Infrapro AB and VR Track Sweden AB can be found on the contact pages of those companies.