Independent safety assessments are a part of risk management

The common safety method (CSM) for risk management is in use in railways. VR Track Oy’s Assessment and Approval Services organisation is an accredited independent safety assessor (ISA).

When the railway system is subject to major changes that may have an impact on the safety of the railway system, risk management as required by the CSM regulation must be complied with. The goal of the CSM regulation is to maintain a safety level for railways, to harmonise risk management in the European railway system and to promote an exchange of information between the various operators.

The safety of railway systems must be independently assessed. This is ensured by using an independent safety assessor (ISA). An independent assessment body evaluates the correct application of the risk management process and draws up a safety assessment report.

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) has appointed VR Track Oy’s engineering assessment and approval services as an ISA as referred to in the CSM regulation. The area of competence of the assessment operations accredited by the Finnish accreditation service FINAS covers safety assessments for the following subsystems:

  • Control Command and Signalling subsystems (CCS)
  • Energy subsystems (ENE)
  • Infrastructure subsystems (INS), including railway tunnels (SRT) and accessibility (PRM)
  • Operation and traffic management (OPE)

The area of competence additionally covers an assessment of safety management systems.

The assessor is also accredited to carry out independent safety assessments of control, command and signalling systems (CCS) in accordance with the EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129 standards.


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