No compromises in pre-planning, smooth bridge building

A key factor in any construction project related to railway systems is the successful merging of all the operations and work stages into a single well-controlled process.

We can relocate a bridge according to a down to the minute to minimise any disturbances to traffic. Strict compliance with the railway signalling regulations is the starting point for all our operations.

Bridge-building services

Bridge re-locations

We build railway bridges and underpasses using modern bridge re-location equipment in compliance with the requirements set by rail traffic. Thanks to the construction and re-location method developed by us, disturbances to train traffic are minimised. A new bridge is constructed alongside the track in use, without interfering with the traffic, and the completed bridge is slid into place during an interruption of no more than 6–12 hours. We have also built  removable highway bridges.

Service bridges for lease and repair equipment for bridge edge beams

Service bridges are temporary steel bridges designed to withstand the load from rail and highway traffic. A service bridge can be installed during a traffic interruption of 6–12 hours, depending on the site. We lease 14-metre and 20-metre service bridge kits. Furthermore, we lease Bridgecare by Moldtech edge beam repair equipment.


Civil engineering services

Our services portfolio also includes civil engineering structures on land and in water. Our fleet of civil engineering machinery is equipped with machine control systems.

Our expertise also covers highways, streets, other traffic areas as well as noise barriers and municipal engineering work.


Services related to safety in track construction

Train safety tasks

Train safety tasks include advance planning with the traffic controller concerning work to be carried out on the track, documentation of such tasks in the Advance Information System (JETI) and worksite safety arrangements. The safety services on a track worksite include security guard duties and track work supervision duties, complemented by superstructure qualifications.

Voltage interruptions, contact line relocations during work and earthing

Our services include voltage interruptions and other earthing tasks, as well as contact line relocations during work. A voltage interruption is a temporary earthing arrangement for the duration of the work to make an electrified railway voltage-free. Contact line relocations are generally required at work sites when the power line prevents a necessary work stage. Earthings are required for machinery or structures.

Temporary speed limits

Work on a railway often requires a temporary speed limit, for which there must be a plan in place. We install pre-coded balises and speed indicators.


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