Sensible management of assets

Asset management services aim at supporting the structure owners’ managements systems to avoid any maintenance deficit or loss of information.

We create a status report on built assets and maintain the information in registries and other documents. We also follow up the impact of capital expenditure on the value and condition of the assets over time. The goal is to produce sensible investment proposals in terms of overall economy.

The asset management service consists to large extent of geographical information services (GIS) specialised in traffic arteries. This means that open management while also requiring a good understanding of the background information, guidelines and usage of structures and systems.

We maintain asset management data as agreed case by case, either in the client’s systems or in our own applications, providing free access to the client. This means the client does not need to acquire separate asset management systems.

Our key services

Management of information in registers

  • Information services for track characteristics and GIS data
  • Turnouts and level crossings, bridges and other safety-critical structures, geotechnical and underground structures
  • Rail defect and frost-heave problems, track geometry and datum point data
  • Obstacle data, simulations and statements for special transports
  • Registries related to signalling equipment and train control
  • Speed data
  • Hazard registry

Other related expert services

  • Source data models for engineering, expert work related to registry data and digitalisation
  • Quality control of modification reports from construction and maintenance
  • Data transfer between maintenance systems, data formats

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Head of Bridges and Asset management Services

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