Solutions for demanding applications with high life-cycle efficiency

Bridges and other safety-critical structures represent demanding engineering problems. Together with the client, we find the best solution in terms of overall economy for safety-critical structures, taking into account not only the cost alternatives, but also innovation, safety and life-cycle aspects.

Our solutions for construction and renovation engineering also incorporate the safety of the people using the traffic arteries and minimum disruptions to traffic during construction work. One example of this is the fact that we have worked on the development of bridge relocation methods enabling non-disrupted traffic since the 1980s.

Our specialisation is engineering services for railway-related structures throughout all of their life-cycle stages. With experience gained from building in cramped locations and under geotechnically problematic conditions typical to railways, our engineers have what it takes to face any other design challenge as well. We also carry out risk assessments at all our sites.

Our key services

  • Project management services
  • Bridge engineering from needs assessments to structural engineering
  • Quality inspections for bridge engineering plans
  • Technical expert and supervision services for construction projects
  • Management systems and priorisation tools for safety-critical structures
  • Special expertise in steel bridges
  • Fitness-for-service and load-carrying-capacity evaluations
  • Special structures and equipment for railway environments and other traffic arteries
  • Production of guidelines and design manuals

Sales contacts

Timo Cronvall

Head of Design

+358 40 8621 646

Janne Wuorenjuuri

Head of Bridges and Asset management Services

+358 40 8621 373

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