Active promotion of BIM

We offer BIM modelling services for any type of assignment. The scope and optimal processes for our infrastructure BIM models are tailored specifically for each project, thanks to which the technology used can be applied as productively as possible.

We actively develop procedures to facilitate the use of infrastructure modelling in co-operation with stakeholders of the industry. We were the leading company in the InfraFIMBIM modelling project in 2010–2014 and continue to spearhead the development in this field by participating in the Infra section of the buildingSMART Finland collaboration forum.

Our key services

  • Infrastructure modelling co-ordinator services: source data models, design models, combined models, and as-planned models, such as machine control modelling, including documentation, and model validations, e.g. conflict analysis for structures
  • Data acquisition, production and validation for source data models: scanning and aerial photography, 360-degree panoramas, cable and pipeline surveys
  • Design models with infrastructures and systems, such as tracks, water supply, foundation engineering, bridges, signalling equipment, structures of electrified railways
  • Production and visualisation for models required for production, such as as-planned models, quantity calculation models, quality assurance models, as-built models, visualisations for construction scheduling and cost calculations (5D BIM)
  • Our service concept also includes project-specific maintenance manuals as well as services related to visualisations, information sharing, stakeholder communications and production follow-up systems.

Sales contacts

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Development Manager

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Tender Manager

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