Qualified overall service for the owners and railway infrastructure managers of private sidings

In addition to the state-owned rail system, our expertise is available to all owners and railway infrastructure managers of private sidings throughout Finland. We tailor our private siding services to meet each customer’s specific needs.

The overall service includes all track engineering and administrative services related to railway systems, as well as expert services linked with railway infrastructure management and operating a railway system. We can also handle contacts with the authorities necessary for a railway system as required. Our expertise additionally covers services related to rail traffic planning and track engineering.

All our services can be flexibly integrated with VR Track’s other services. One option is to link our services with other functions used by the railway infrastructure manager, either as a complementary component or for development purposes.

Our key services

  • Track engineering services and administrative services related with railway systems
  • Permits and certificates necessary for railway systems
  • Railway infrastructure management and related support services
  • Safety management systems
  • Maintenance plans and folders
  • Contacts with authorities
  • Traffic and track capacity requirement planning

Sales contacts

Kalle Toropainen

Head of Design

+358 40 8634 317


Requests for quotation

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