Hassle-free projects with effective risk management

Our comprehensive safety engineering and risk management services cover all aspects required for a project.

With our safety engineering services, we proactively manage all safety aspects of the site jointly with the customer in compliance with the statutory documentation requirements.

Our risk management services cover risks related to areas such as project management, engineering processes, occupational safety and environmental aspects, including the related technical and operational assessments.

We always tailor our services to meet the customer’s specific needs and expectations.

Our risk management services ensure smooth progress of the customer’s projects. A key strength of VR Track is our risk management services and systematic, cost-effective implementation capabilities linked with operational and technical modifications in the railway system. We collect and analyse safety deviation data and develop our own risk management processes and tools.

Our key services

  • Risk management for railway, highway, street and area projects
  • Technical conformity, risk analysis and Safety Case services
  • Safety coordination services
  • Commissioning processes and conformity of railway projects
  • Safety and quality auditing
  • Creation of railway guidelines and risk assessments
  • Safety reporting and planning
  • Management and co-ordination of development projects on safety and risk management systems

Sales contacts

Mikko Rislakki

Head of Design

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Joona Malmivaara

Head of Risk Management Group

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