Varied road engineering and urban planning services

We offer complete engineering services from initial concept designs to structural engineering for roads and streets as well as more extensive sites, such as public squares and parking areas, industrial facilities, ports, logistics terminals and yard areas.

Our design engineers are skilled experts with a wide range of street engineering and area planning projects under their belts. Computer modelling is a daily tool in our engineering projects. One example of our model-based designs is the Tampere tram system project, including the related street work.

We want to provide our customers with quality service founded on solid expertise, and we want to make partnering with us easy and effortless.

Our key services

  • Final engineering plans and construction plans in compliance with the Highways Act (maantielaki)
  • Street and construction engineering plans
  • Preliminary and final engineering plans for areas, public squares, open areas, yard areas and ports, and for industrial traffic areas
  • Concept designs, pre-designs and land reserve plans for traffic arteries and areas
  • Preliminary and final engineering plans for water supply
  • Creation and co-ordination of data models
  • Vehicle track surveys
  • On-site services

Sales contacts

Mika Kaukoranta

Head of Road, Street and Area Planning Group

+358 40 8630 590

Tarmo Keski-Loppi

Tender Manager

+358 40 8621 643

Requests for quotation

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