Reliable soil explorations for infrastructure construction

We meet strict quality standards in soil explorations even in demanding conditions thanks to our fleet of up-to-date special equipment.

We have a long history of soil explorations ever since the start of Finnish railways. The soil exploration data produced by us is used for the needs of track, road and street construction, as well as both residential and industrial building construction. Our specialised equipment for soil exploration is new and modern and suited even to the most demanding conditions.

Our service offering covers nearly all soil exploration services required in Finland.

We continuously develop our operations, methods and products to meet the challenges of changing operational environments. For example, we can use piezocone penetrometer testing (CPTU) to produce data that meets the highest requirements in order to determine the geotechnical characteristics of soil. We have several medium-sized sounding units with special equipment.

Our key services


  • Exploratory drilling, Swedish weight sounding tests, dynamic probing tests, static-dynamic penetration tests and percussion drilling
  • Vane tests (with casing tubing, electric GM4W and Nilcon)
  • CPTU tests (with 1t and 10t cones)

Soil and water sampling

  • Disturbed, non-disturbed (sampling classes A, B, C)
  • Frost susceptibility investigations
  • Structural course determinations
  • Water sampling from ground water standpipes

Installation and monitoring of ground water standpipes. Installation of inclinometer casing tubes and stability monitoring.


Sales contacts

Timo Cronvall

Head of Design

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Jyri Erkkilä

Head of Ground Investigation Group

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