Laying a sound basis for projects

Traffic engineering plays a key role in the successful prioritisation of development measures and correct funding decisions in critical locations.

Our job is to ensure that the planned traffic solutions are functional, usable and appropriate for the conditions and to propose ways of maintaining and improving the preconditions for traffic on railways and throughout the entire transportation system. We make use of popular traffic planning software as well as analysis methods developed in-house.

Our traffic planning team’s in-depth expertise of the functional characteristics of transportation systems and of railway systems and rail infrastructure in particular ensures competent and high-quality investigations, surveys and expert services throughout the various engineering stages.

We can also rely on the support of an extensive network of industry partners, other consulting firms and authorities.

Our key services

  • Pre-engineering and needs assessments
  • Highway and railway traffic surveys required for the various engineering stages
  • Project assessments and impact assessments
  • Investigations on networks, rail sections and yards
  • Highway and street traffic engineering and simulation
  • Railway traffic simulations, timetable studies and capacity analyses
  • Track capacity utilisation planning

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Head of Design

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