Solid overall expertise in transportation arteries

Our all-in-one engineering and consulting services for transportation projects cover technology disciplines related to the construction of transportation facilities, including topographic surveys and measurements, traffic, geotechnical, structural, signalling equipment, electrification and environmental engineering, and risk management.

Our engineering systems are particularly well suited for designing railways. We additionally design also other traffic arteries or sub-sections of them, including road and street modifications to eliminate level crossings and solutions linked with municipal engineering at station areas.

In addition to planning the execution of projects and programming, we also carry out a wide range of surveys as well as development and service tasks.

We are familiar with the special characteristics of the Finnish railway network, including all the related stakeholders. We have worked on alliance, design/build, and public private partnership (PPP)-type projects and know their respective principles of operation. Furthermore, we co-operate closely with VR Track’s construction, maintenance and transportation professionals. This co-operation provides effective guidelines for the development of our engineering products, for example, in areas such as machine control and modelling applications.

Our key services

Overall engineering plans for construction and maintenance on railways and other traffic arteries, including execution and work stage planning

Project management

Investigations and expert services

  • Preparatory studies and pre-designs for projects
  • Railway, road and street engineering, master plans, needs assessments
  • Studies on the requirements of various fields of technology for the overall project
  • On-site inventories of trackside devices, drawing up and updating track layouts

Sales contacts

Kalle Toropainen

Head of Design

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Tarmo Keski-Loppi

Tender Manager

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