Operational reliability with electrical and automation system maintenance

Quality maintenance increases the service life of technical equipment, cuts costs and ensures problem-free operation.

Electrical and automation systems maintenance is at the core of our expertise. Our 16 locations throughout Finland guarantee extensive geographical coverage and good availability of services even on short notice.

Preventive maintenance ensures the reliable operation of systems and equipment throughout their life cycle.

Our key services

  • Maintenance and repairs of electrical equipment
  • Automation equipment and systems
  • Maintenance on traffic management equipment
  • Maintenance on traction switching stations and transformers
  • Operation control room duties
  • Expert services
  • Separate full-scope projects

Sales contacts

Jani Hauskamaa

Sales Manager

+358 50 5762 134


Harri Sakki

Head of Electrical Maintenance Area, Southern Finland

+358 40 8661 761


Ari Valaja

Head of Electrical Maintenance Area, Western Finland

+358 40 8630 016


Juha Salovaara

Head of Electrical Maintenance Area, Eastern Finland

+358 40 8637 340


Petri Prokkola

Head of Electrical Maintenance Area, Northern Finland

+358 40 6352 280


Sami Viitanen

Tender Manager

+358 40 8630 577


Requests for quotation

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