Wagons for any worksite need

Open wagons are suitable for transporting individual components or structures such as sleepers, rails or track equipment. A flat wagon has a depressed section close to the rails between the axles to make loading and unloading easier.

Uad and Bmo wagons are available for hauling ballast and/or gravel. The Bmo has a volume capacity of 32 cubic metres and the Uad 40 cubic metres. The Uad wagon is unloaded to the required location using a pivoting conveyor belt.

The correct equipment for transporting and unloading large volumes of ballast are the MFS-40 (haulage capacity 50 tonnes/wagon) and MFS-100 haulage wagons (pictured) (haulage capacity 83 tonnes/wagon). These can take up old ballast to be removed from the track as well as new ballast material.

Bov wagons are designed for transporting turnout components. They have a tiltable loading platform for the efficient transportation of new turnouts with concrete sleepers as well as timber sleeper turnouts. All these turnout components can be installed on the track using a Desec TrackLayer or a railroad crane.


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