Getting there together

VR Track is part of the VR Group, which has an important role in Finnish society.

While VR Group’s main focus is in Finland, the company also operates abroad, particularly in Russia and Sweden. The Group employs roughly 8,000 professionals, and had net sales of EUR 1,186.7 million in 2016.

Responsibility is at the heart of all of VR Group’s operations and is one of the company’s values.

The three main business areas

VR Group is wholly owned by the Finnish State. Although the Group mainly operates in Finland, the company also has operations abroad, particularly in Russia and Sweden.

VR Group comprises three customer business groups. VR looks after passenger traffic, VR Transpoint focusses on logistics, and VR Track specialises in infrastructure engineering, construction and maintenance.

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Responsible and customer-focused services

The cornerstones of VR Group’s strategy are customer orientation, competitiveness, growth and a strong foundation. Responsibility is integrated with the Group strategy, which means the responsibility perspective is always taken into account when making strategic decisions.

Customers are the starting point for all our operations. Our other values are renewal, safety and responsibility, as well as a targeted approach and working together.

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